• Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku

  • Holocaust survivor Jacqueline Dale

  • Holocaust survivor Lena Goldstein

  • Holocaust survivor Peter Rossler



In the aftermath of the Second World War, about 27,000 survivors of the Holocaust migrated to Australia.

Survivors and their families have been very active in both the Australian Jewish and wider communities, making significant contributions in the professions, the arts, business and politics. They value the freedom, opportunities and democracy, which are cornerstones of Australian life, particularly given their experiences in the Europe of the Holocaust.

Meeting a Survivor

The Museum also holds over 2,500 testimonies from Holocaust survivors interviewed in Australia. These testimonies form part of a collection of more than 53,000 testimonies gathered by the Shoah Foundation, spearheaded by Steven Spielberg. The individual testimonies have been digitised and are housed at the USC Shoah Foundation (University of Southern California). The testimonies are available to the general public. More information available here.

Many of our survivors give talks at the Museum from time to time. For more information, please check our events calendar for listed events.

Holocaust survivor stories

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