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The Sydney Jewish Museum was established in 1992 by the generation of Holocaust survivors who came to Australia. They envisioned the Museum as a place which could hold their stories and personal objects, memorialise those who were murdered during the Holocaust, and within which the lessons from the past would be taught.

This year we will celebrate 30 years as a living museum: a place that holds the voices of history, and in which survivors still share their experiences with visitors.

We have welcomed multiple generations through our doors, some as students who have returned later in life as adults. Visitors have learnt about the history of the murder of 6 million Jewish people in the Holocaust; they have kept their memories alive, and taken away the important messages of tolerance and the dangers of prejudice.

30 years since its inception, the Museum continues to give a voice to the victims of the Holocaust so their stories can start conversations and inspire change.


What we do

The Sydney Jewish Museum is an institution that gives history a voice through collecting and preserving historic objects, commemorating and educating, with a mission to challenge visitors’ perceptions of morality, social justice, democracy and human rights.


Where history has a voice

The Sydney Jewish Museum’s tagline, “Where history has a voice”, distills the origins of the Museum and its mission that continues to carry it forward into the future.

The objects within the collection and on display in the Museum’s exhibitions tell compelling stories of their owners and contribute to the narratives that the Museum tells within its walls. Testimony, accessible digitally and face-to-face, anchors the objects in the display cases to real world events, and gives life and narrative to history.

The Sydney Jewish Museum is a living museum, where history is kept alive and dynamic to continue to speak to future generations in a way that will always resonate.


Our collection

The Sydney Jewish Museum collects and conserves original memorabilia related to the Holocaust, Judaica and Australian Jewish history to make these available for display and research for generations to come. Our collection drives our exhibitions, research and education programs.

Donations of objects, letters, documents and photographs are needed to expand our collection, preserve the narrative of Jews prior, during and after the Holocaust, and serve as a memory for future generations.



The Museum’s permanent exhibitions trace the history of Judaism, the persecution of Jewish people, their migration to Australia and service in the military, and have more recently expanded to cover human rights issues affecting Australia. Using artefacts, interactive technologies and testimonies, history is given a voice within the Museum’s walls.

Alongside our intriguing permanent exhibitions is a program of regularly changing feature exhibitions.


Programs and facilities

Much more than just a history museum, the Sydney Jewish Museum is a destination for inspiring online events, including vibrant discussions and panel talks, Holocaust survivor talks and book launches. The Museum delivers tailored professional training programs for a variety of industries on ethical leadership, empathy and personal responsibility. Whilst at the Museum, browse the Museum shop.



Members and Patrons of the Museum are part of a unique and warm community, and enjoy a range of benefits including access to exclusive members-only events.



The Museum offers a diverse and engaging range of virtual workshops and onsite excursions for primary and secondary school students. Through encounters with Holocaust survivors, Museum educators and knowledgeable guides, history is brought to life and made relevant to students’ specific learning outcomes.

For teachers, the Museum holds teacher professional development sessions throughout the year, designed to provoke new ways of thinking, invigorate classroom teaching practices and provide relevant resources.

The Museum Board

The Sydney Jewish Museum’s Board of Management for 2022 is listed below:

Greg Shand AM | President
Tony Ryba | Vice President
Rikki Gold | Treasurer
Charles Aronson OAM | Board Member
Paul Drexler | Board Member
Jeremy Goldschmidt | Board Member
Daniel Grynberg | Board Member
Marc Jaku | Board Member
Lee-Anne Kitay | Board Member
Nadine Levin | Board Member
Roz Levin | Board Member
Gavin Solsky | Board Member


Support us

The Sydney Jewish Museum is able to continue its vital work through the generosity of its supporters. The Museum receives no government funding for our operational needs and, as with all museums, cannot survive on membership and entrance fees alone.

There are many ways in which individuals and organisations can support the Sydney Jewish Museum. These include donations, major gifts and bequests, and plaque dedications.

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