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If you are unable to bring your students onsite to the Sydney Jewish Museum, we would love to engage with them virtually in an interactive workshop.

Benefit from the expertise and experience of our team of educators to create an engaging, thought-provoking experience for your students.

We run our virtual workshops through Zoom. Virtual workshops can be run according to your timetable for $5 per student.

To read more about our program options, please scroll down to browse the listings.

One-on-One Extension History Essay Workshop

Enhance your Extension History Project by drawing on the expertise of the Sydney Jewish Museum. Our experts can assist you with the historiographical concepts of your topic as well as argumentative historical writing skills and good scholarship.

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Interactive Holocaust Survivor Zoom Talks

A chance for you and your students to meet a Holocaust survivor in real time, hear their stories and ask questions.

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Holocaust Survivor Stories

Come face to face with history as survivors share their memories of the Holocaust an its aftermath.

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Understanding the Holocaust

This program will introduce students to significant factors that can help us understand how the Holocaust unfolded.

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Power and Authority: Rise of Nazism, Consolidation of Power and Ideology

Students will have the opportunity to study in depth the complex and tragic relationship between the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler in Germany, and the collapse of democracy.

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Power and Authority: Nazi Methods of Control and Impact on Life

Students will address the impact of dictatorships on society, and that of the Nazis on life in Germany in particular.

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Fact Through Fiction

This online excursion explores how historical fiction is a unique way for students to engage emotionally and intellectually with the Holocaust.

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Windows into Judaism

Through an exploration of the Museum’s artefacts, students will increase their understanding of Judaism as a living religious tradition.

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Arrival Forever: Migration Stories

Students are given the opportunity to explore the development of the Australian Jewish community and over 200 years of Jewish history in this country.

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Children in a Vanishing World

This age-appropriate program will deepen students’ understanding of the experiences of children during the Holocaust, through the lens of books for young readers.

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Genocide in the 20th Century

Students will have the opportunity to explore the concept of genocide and its impact on the modern world through examples drawn from the 20th century.

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Preliminary and HSC Studies of Religion

For Studies of Religion students, this program provides an outstanding opportunity to explore and understand Judaism as a living tradition.

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Resisting the Holocaust

This program highlights the courageous acts of resistance that Jewish people took during the Holocaust, countering the myth that they went ‘like lambs to the slaughter’.

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Rights and Freedoms

This program focuses on the nature and significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the continuing efforts to secure civil rights and freedoms in Australia.

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The Nature and Development of Human Rights: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This program focuses on the nature and development of human rights through a consideration of the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the immediate context of the Holocaust and World War II.

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The Nature of Modern History: Constructing, Contesting and Investigating the Past

Using source analysis and critical historiography, this seminar puts the history of the Holocaust into a wider context of historical thinking.

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Unearthing the Holocaust: Serniki and the Australian War Crimes Trials

Focusing on artefacts from the site of Sernicki, students will engage in a discussion of the massacre that took place there and how it constitutes a war crime.

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The Nature of Modern History: Memory and Memorialisation

Students will think about how the history of the Holocaust is given meaning and constructed through memorial spaces, source selection and artefact acquisition.

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