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How can the lessons from history and its eyewitnesses make your workplace more inclusive, diverse and resilient?

These character strengths and social responsibilities are so important to any organisation wanting to operate effectively and in the best interests of its employees and stakeholders.

Drawing unique inspiration from our Sydney-based Holocaust survivors, as well as expert knowledge from our resident psychologist, historian and educators, the Sydney Jewish Museum offers impactful and applicable workshops for professional groups.

Participants of our professional sessions leave moved and with practical tips to incorporate into their daily lives; both in the workplace and personal lives.

Previous and ongoing participants in the Museum’s professional programs include:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • MinterEllison
  • NSW Health
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Australian Police

All expert-led sessions include hearing from a Holocaust survivor. They can be run at the Sydney Jewish Museum (2km from Sydney CBD) or streamed online.

Our expert team runs programs in three key areas that are crucial to businesses today:

Decision-making and leadership

By reflecting on the roles played by individuals and other professionals in the events of the Holocaust, contemporary business practices are analysed and questioned.

This session uses the testimonies of Holocaust survivors to reflect on how businesses and employees can think about responsibility today. Participants come out with a greater understanding of their moral and ethical responsibilities personally and professionally, on an individual and corporate scale.

Inclusion and diversity

These programs have been developed from working with Holocaust survivors for over 20 years. They aim to familiarise and sensitise participants to the necessities of inclusion, prevention of discrimination, and minimising unconscious bias in workplace culture.

Outcomes include:

  • Developing a growth mindset in staff
  • How to respond appropriately to inappropriate behaviour
  • Developing empathy for engagement with others

Resilience and empathy

A session on building resilience and empathy will leave participants motivated by the strength and positive outlook of Holocaust survivors. Following the destruction of World War II, Holocaust survivors have managed to integrate their memories of horror and loss in their lives with a sense of resilience. These survivors do not define their lives based on these traumas; they are an example of moving beyond their experiences and serving a purpose greater than themselves.

These workshops are useful for corporates looking to encourage resilience in their teams, and for workers in helping professions to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional issues associated with their patients.

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