Permanent Exhibitions

The Sydney Jewish Museum’s architecture invites visitors to engage in a multi-sensory way with the Museum and its permanent exhibitions.

Within three major exhibition spaces, visitors are able to confront historical artefacts, video footage, new digital technologies and personal stories.

The permanent exhibitions include:

If you’re unable to visit us in person, explore our new Digital Stories platform, where you can browse curated stories and images from our collection and Holocaust survivors.

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Culture and Continuity: Journey through Judaism

Culture and Continuity: Journey through Judaism is an exhibition that showcases the rich heritage of Jewish history, religion and culture alongside Australian Jewish history, and the history of the Sydney Jewish community in particular. From its beginnings in the Ancient Near East to its modern manifestations in twenty first century Australia, Jewish civilisation comprises a tapestry of religious and cultural traditions.

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Serving Australia: The Jewish Involvement in Australian Military History

Serving Australia is a permanent exhibition that tells some of the many stories of Jewish men and women who have contributed to Australia through military service, and thus to the country as a whole. The individual stories on display are diverse and tell of the cultural and religious mix that made up the Australian military.

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust is the Sydney Jewish Museum’s showcase permanent exhibition that traces the history of the Holocaust; the state-orchestrated persecution and annihilation of six million Jewish people by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945. The exhibition also recounts the new lives forged by survivors following their arrival in Australia and their contribution to the rich, multicultural fabric of contemporary Australian life.

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The Holocaust and Human Rights

A capstone to the Holocaust exhibition, The Holocaust and Human Rights Exhibition outlines human rights achievements and challenges, and focuses on the key human rights issues facing Australia today. The exhibition uses interactive media and new digital technologies to explore local issues pertaining to the rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers; People with Disabilities; First Australians; and the LGBTIQ Community.

The place promotes deep, reflective thought, even on topics that might prove irresolvable.

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