Teacher Professional Development

The Sydney Jewish Museum offers professional development seminars for teachers throughout the school year for all teachers who are interested. Participating teachers are presented with newly-developed materials and practical approaches to teaching these key subjects.

Teachers will be taken on a special guided tour of the Museum and its archives, and will have an opportunity to join a growing network of professional educators for ongoing development. Teachers of the Holocaust will also have the opportunity to hear from a panel of Holocaust survivors, and engage critically in testimony as an historical source.

Staff Spiritual Reflection Days

Jewish thought and culture have decisively shaped much of our society and have contributed in many ways to ethics and philosophy in the modern world. The Sydney Jewish Museum operates programs designed to complement Staff Retreats and Spiritual Days. The workshop encourages personal reflection on spiritual and religious beliefs and welcomes questions from those deeply curious and interested about matters of religion. Jewish philosophies are examined, and for those who wish to learn more about Judaism we provide an interactive session on Shabbat, Hebrew, dietary laws and Passover.

  • 1st hour – Education Workshop ‘Windows into Judaism’
    What do Jewish people believe? What is the relationship between ancient Jewish texts and modern Jewish practice? Includes an interactive example of Jewish rituals and celebration.
  • 2nd hour – Museum Tour of ground floor exhibits ‘Culture & Continuity’
    Exploration of Jewish history from biblical to modern times. Curriculum links to celebrations and rituals such as Shabbat, Hanukkah, Passover and sacred Jewish texts.
  • 3rd hour (optional) – Survivor Testimony
    “Surviving the Holocaust”: a personal story.


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