• 2018 Capital Appeal As time passes there are fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors left to tell their stories of horror and hope.

    The money raised in our 2018 Capital Appeal will help us keep the survivors’ stories alive for many years to come.
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  • The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art Opens 2 November In this exhibition, two Australian-born artists remember their families’ Holocaust experiences through inherited objects, remnants and relics. Find out more
  • SJM Voices app SJM Voices is a custom curated app that uses an internal global positioning system to bring testimony and story of the Holocaust and World War II into the present within the Museum’s walls. Find out more
  • The Holocaust and Human Rights Now open This exhibition traces the history of human rights and focuses on major human rights issues in Australia. Using digital technologies and interactive spaces, this exhibition invites visitors to challenge their perceptions and reflect on topics that may prove irresolvable. Find out more
  • The Museum is Celebrating 25 years Saturday 18 November 2017 marked the Sydney Jewish Museum’s momentous 25th birthday. Find out more

Keep their voice alive

Invest in the future of the Sydney Jewish Museum in our Capital Appeal

As time passes there are fewer Holocaust survivors left to tell their stories of both horror and hope. The survivors and the stories that they have continued to pass on to Museum visitors have been fundamental in ensuring that we remember the Holocaust. Technologies, testimonial projects, preservation of artefacts, and educating students and teachers help us secure the stories of our treasured survivors, so their voices never lose their poignancy.

We are now holding our Capital Appeal, where we are asking you to invest in the future of the Sydney Jewish Museum and the voices of history that we preserve.

The Museum receives no Government funding, and cannot exist on membership and entry fees alone. Your support will ensure we can keep our survivors’ voices alive for future generations. Visit Capital Appeal website
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Bobba Knows Best

For the first time ever, the curators have crowd-sourced intimate photographs of grandmothers, taken with love, for an exhibition. This exhibition is a reflection of the strong bond that exists between grandmothers and their grandchildren. It is through these unique bonds that life lessons and age-old traditions are passed down.

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Opens 2 November

The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art

In ‘The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art’, artists Anne Zahalka and Sylvia Griffin address loss and family trauma, attempting to piece together and make sense of fragmented histories.

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School visits

Extensive range of programs for primary and secondary students.

With hundreds of artefacts for students to explore, and over 30 Holocaust survivors for them to meet, the experience of visiting the the Sydney Jewish Museum is second to none.

All education programs are linked to NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus outcomes.

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Teachers' Network

NESA-approved events bringing teachers together

The Teachers' Network events, held 4 times a year at the Museum, provide teachers an opportunity to engage with other teachers and industry professionals, expand on content knowledge, design classroom strategies, and discuss the complexities of Holocaust education as well as education more broadly.

The next Teachers' Network event is on 27 November.

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SJM blog

Bobba Knows Best – A language without words

October 15, 2018

Grandmothers perform different roles in different families. Every grandchild will have a different name for their grandmother; something deriving from geographical origins, or ages-old habits that stick over time. Sometimes …

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Sydney Jewish Museum receives TripAdvisor 2018 Certificate of Excellence

October 14, 2018

We are excited to announce that for the fifth consecutive year, the Sydney Jewish Museum has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This Certificate recognises hotels, restaurants and attractions that …

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KEEP THEIR VOICE ALIVE | Community Stories

October 5, 2018

As the publishing arm of the Sydney Jewish Museum, Community Stories is frequently responsible for giving life to stories which might otherwise have gone unread and unheard. It is the …

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SJM Voices App

The Sydney Jewish Museum’s free app, SJM Voices, offers the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, perpetrators, witnesses and experts. Listen to the voices of history on your device as you move through the Museum.

SJM Voices is a custom curated app that uses an internal global positioning system to bring testimony and story of the Holocaust into the present within the Museum’s walls.

Drawing on the Museum’s rich repository of survivor testimony, the app embeds survivor narrative alongside stories from perpetrators and witnesses. The app delivers personal and multi-perspective insight into this turbulent period of history.

Once you’ve visited the Museum and used the app, email yourself a record of your journey.

You can download the app to your iPhone ahead of time via the link below. If you have an Android phone, pick up a compatible device at admissions upon arrival at the Museum.

Please note, the SJM Voices app only works in the Museum. Download SJM Voices Plan Your Visit

Become a Museum Member

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Members are the backbone of the Sydney Jewish Museum. The generosity of individuals plays a vital role in helping us give history a voice.

As a Museum Member you will benefit from free entry into the Museum all year round, a 10% discount in the Museum shop and more.