• Pride at the Museum Visit the Museum during this year's Mardi Gras for a very special lineup of art, tours and storytelling experiences.
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  • Musical Portraits series Immerse yourself in a series of live musical performances coming to the Sydney Jewish Museum in 2024!

    Enchanting musical portraits of Jewish people and culture.

    A lineup of diverse and internationally acclaimed artists.
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  • Experience the power of AI Our AI-powered Holocaust survivor exhibition has been extended!

    Experience survivors' stories of humanity, strength and heart at this important and stirring exhibition.

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  • Preserving Jewish culture Jewish life and heritage in Sydney are illuminated and brought to life here at the Sydney Jewish Museum, through our exhibitions, programs and events. Find out more

Explore all of our exhibitions for free every Sunday

Entry includes access to all of our permanent exhibitions on the Holocaust, human rights, Jewish history and Jewish life in Australia.

It also includes access to feature exhibition, Reverberations, which uses interactive technologies to preserve survivor testimony for the future.

Thank you to Lisa and Danny Goldberg for making this possible with their generous gift.

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Feature exhibition

The Maccabean Hall: Celebrating 100 Years

Take a journey through time with memories from a century of our building, the Maccabean Hall, at this incredible new exhibit celebrating the vibrancy of Jewish history in Sydney.

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Feature exhibition

Reverberations: A future for memory

An interactive exhibition that shines a light on the humanity and life experiences of Holocaust survivors. Experience the incredible technologies we’re using to preserve survivor testimony for future generations.

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Go behind the scenes with the tech

Our daily behind-the-scenes sessions with our interactive biographies offer a closer look at the technology we're using to bring the stories of Holocaust survivors to life.

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Become a member

Our members' support ensures we continue to educate and inspire students, teachers and general visitors on the history of the Holocaust and the important messages of Holocaust survivors.

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For high school teachers

Power and Authority In-Depth Study Day

March 2024: In this full-day in-depth workshop, students will take part in curriculum-linked, interactive workshops delivered by our experts to consolidate their subject knowledge.

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For primary school teachers

Free webinars for Primary students

Did you know that we offer free webinars for Primary school students on a range of interesting and thought-provoking topics? Click below to see what's coming up.

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SJM blog

The Maccabean Hall: Jack Meister’s second home

October 5, 2023

Many years before it held our Museum, our Darlinghurst building was home to the Maccabean Hall: a Jewish community centre, crucial to rehabilitating and integrating Holocaust survivor refugees in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Holocaust survivor, Jack Meister explores what the building means to him.

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An Egyptian Rosh Hashana Seder

September 1, 2023

The festival of Rosh Hashana is both a joyous celebration and the start of a period of ten days during which observant Jewish people engage in profound introspection and prayer. Museum volunteer Racheline Barda recalls what the Jewish new year traditions were in her household in Egypt growing up.

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A year in the life of our Youth Committee 

August 23, 2023

Want to know what it’s like being part of our Youth Committee, a vibrant community of young people who are eager to make a difference? In this blog, our members explore why they joined the Youth Committee, and some of their highlights from their past year.

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