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The Sydney Jewish Museum’s Library and Resource Centre has more than 10,000 volumes, audio and videotapes, journals and personal testimonies including the Visual History Archive.

The Library is staffed by a qualified librarian and is open Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm, and on Sundays 11am-3pm by appointment.

Some of the resources you will find in the library include:

  • The reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.)
  • Genealogy resources
  • Yizkor books (Holocaust memorial books)
  • ‘Special collections’: antisemitic and hate literature, Holocaust denial literature
  • Survivors Registry: resources that may be used to determine the fate of Holocaust victims or survivors

As well as providing background material on the themes of the permanent and feature exhibitions, the Museum Library’s collection includes numerous texts examining:

  • Antisemitism,
  • War Crimes Trials,
  • Holocaust & Art,
  • Holocaust in Literature,
  • German History,
  • Australian Jewish History.

Access Library Catalogue 

To book an appointment and for general enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 02 9360 7999.

Shoah Testimonies

The Centre holds over 2,500 testimonies from Holocaust survivors interviewed in Australia. These testimonies are part of a collection of more than 53,000 testimonies gathered by the Shoah Foundation, spearheaded by Steven Spielberg. The individual testimonies have been digitised and are housed at the USC Shoah Foundation (University of Southern California).

Visitors to the Museum are able to conduct searches using an extensive index of geographic and experiential keywords (nearly 10,000 keywords), names of people mentioned in the testimonies (over 50,000 names) and biographical information for each interviewee.

This tool enables visitors to the Museum to perform academic research as well as family history research. For more information please contact the education department on 02 9360 7999 or email.

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