• Ethics and Ending Othering

Ethics and Ending Othering

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Cost $150 per class (of up to 30 students) Duration One school period after 1:30pm Curriculum links NESA-identified general capabilities encompass the knowledge: Critical and creative thinking , Ethical understanding , Intercultural understanding , Personal and social capability
About the program:

In a world of increasing polarity, the Sydney Jewish Museum’s “Ethics and Ending Othering” program fosters student awareness of the social responsibilities of citizenship in Australia and allows the students to think critically about their roles in enhancing social cohesion in society. By engaging with current and historical issues students will come to appreciate the diverse beliefs and values inherent in the mosaic of cultures and traditions that make up Australia today. Using the example of the Holocaust, students will be challenged to examine their own biases and actions in a society influenced by power, authority, identity and gender. By examining the actions of individuals and groups, students will understand the implications of ‘othering,’ discrimination and their role in putting an end to it.

Specific workshop content can be tailored to your needs.

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