• Holocaust Survivor Stories

Holocaust Survivor Stories

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Cost $150 per class (of up to 30 students) Duration One school period after 1:30pm Curriculum Links Stages 4 & 5: English; Studies of Religion
Stage 5: History, Core Study - Depth Study 3: Australians at War: World Wars I and II (1914-1918, 1939-1945); Depth Study 6: School-developed topic.
Stage 6 Preliminary Modern History, Investigating Modern History – The Nature of Modern History: History and Memory, The Representation and Commemoration of the Past

Come face to face with history as our educators introduce a number of holocaust survivor stories through video clips and photographs. This session shows students a wide range of war-time experiences and invites them to consider the way memories inform our understanding of the past. Your students will hear moving accounts of war-time experiences and be invited to think deeply about how the memories of Holocaust survivors broaden our understanding of this dark chapter in history.

Please note, this is not a live session with a Holocaust survivor.

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