• Interactive Holocaust Survivor Zoom Talks

Interactive Holocaust Survivor Zoom Talks

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Cost $150 per class (of up to 30 students) Duration One school period after 1:30pm Curriculum Links Stages 3 & 4: HSIE, Civics & Citizenship, History, English
Stage 5: History, Core Study - Depth Study 3: Australians at War: World Wars I and II
Depth Study 6: School-developed Topic
Stage 6: Preliminary Modern History, Investigating Modern History – The Nature of Modern History; HSC Modern History, Core Study – Power and Authority in the Modern World (1919-1946)

We are very pleased to present zoom talks with Holocaust survivors. These 1 hour sessions will allow you and your students to meet a Holocaust survivor in real time, hear their stories and ask questions.

Bring history to life in the classroom and inspire your students to think deeply about the past. Support students to develop their empathy skills and discover the human experience of the history they study.

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