• Nazis in Australia: Antisemitism and Australian Nazi War Criminals

Nazis in Australia: Antisemitism and Australian Nazi War Criminals

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Cost $18/student, teachers free Minimum cost $180 Duration 3 hours Capacity 120 students per day Curriculum links Stage 4 & 5 Elective History, Topic 1: Constructing History.

Stage 6 Preliminary Modern History: The Investigation of Historic Sites and Sources; The Contestability of the Past; The Construction of Modern History.

Legal Studies Stage 6: Human Rights, The Individual and The Law, Law in Practise.

Stage 6 Society and Culture: Belief Systems and Ideologies, and Social and Cultural Continuity and Change.

This program offers students a unique perspective on The Holocaust, as they will examine the war crimes trials of Nazi collaborators, which took place in Adelaide in the 1990s. Students will explore evidence brought to the courts, as well as the nature of antisemitism in Australia and the public response to the startling revelation that hundreds of Nazi war criminals made their homes in our own backyard. This program will explore the question of what happens when history and the law collide.

This program will take the form of a workshop facilitated by a museum educator, with insights and perspectives from Emeritus Professor Konrad Kwiet, who was the chief historian called to the stand during the trials. It will be complemented by student group work and source analysis, students will develop critical thinking skills about the legal system and its effectiveness in promoting a just and fair society. They will also consider the way that human rights interact with the structures of the Australian legal system, and the wide-spanning implications of racism and antisemitism.

By illuminating the direct effects that The Holocaust has had on Australian society, students will be challenged to consider that the Holocaust is closer to home than they may realise.

Due to the malleable nature of this content, outcomes for this program can be adapted to suit specific requirements. For example, legal studies students may focus primarily on the court proceedings and the many legal issues associated with international and domestic law, while history students may focus on the contestability of the past and complex issues around retroactive justice.

Image: Scrapbook of articles by Zell Rabin for the Daily Mirror New York covering the Adolf Eichmann trial, 1960/61, Sydney Jewish Museum Collection, donated by Milly Goldman.

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