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Mensches, movers and shakers: Dr Kerryn Phelps AM

Dr Kerryn Phelps talks about how she continues to strive for change in public policy and her advice for young, emerging leaders.

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Mensches, movers and shakers: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Genevieve Clay-Smith tells us about making film industry more representative and inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Mensches, movers and shakers: Melanie and Sarah Penicka-Smith

Melanie and Sarah Penicka-Smith tell us how they are creating positive change in the LGBTQI+ space.

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The Photographer of ‘I Met a Survivor’ – Nadine Saacks

The Photographer of ‘I Met a Survivor’ – Nadine Saacks Nadine Saacks is a photographer with a passion for documenting people’s stories through images. To bring the concept for ‘I …

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Interview with Anne Zahalka

Interview with Anne Zahalka Anne Zahalka, acclaimed Australian artist, delves into vicarious traumas and her inherited memories of the Holocaust alongside Sylvia Griffin in our current contemporary art exhibition, The Fate of …

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Interview with Sylvia Griffin

Interview with Sylvia Griffin Australian artist Sylvia Griffin has put her personal history and family’s traumas on display alongside Anne Zahalka’s in our current contemporary art exhibition, The Fate of …

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