Deena Yako’s story

Deena Yako fled Iraq with her family at the age of nine and works to support young refugees in Australia.

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Mensches, movers and shakers: Dr Kerryn Phelps AM

Dr Kerryn Phelps talks about how she continues to strive for change in public policy and her advice for young, emerging leaders.

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Righteous Among the Nations as mensches: Siek and Anna Attema

Siek and Anna Attema were Dutch farmers who selflessly hid Mia Polak and her sister for two years on their farm in Holland, during WWII.

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Mensches, movers and shakers: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Genevieve Clay-Smith tells us about making film industry more representative and inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Mensches, movers and shakers: Melanie and Sarah Penicka-Smith

Melanie and Sarah Penicka-Smith tell us how they are creating positive change in the LGBTQI+ space.

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