• Resisting the Holocaust

Resisting the Holocaust

Key information
Cost $15/student Duration 3 hours Supervision ratios The supervision ratio is 1:20 for secondary groups. Teachers and parents attend free of charge at these ratios. Curriculum links Stage 5 History Depth Study 6 – School-developed Topic
Stage 6 Modern History
About the program:

The old image, that Jews went “like lambs to the slaughter” falls into the realm of historical legend. Jews resisted the Nazi genocide, in groups and as individuals, in public and in hiding. Their strategies of defense and survival took many forms, with those who fought back against the Nazis doing so through armed resistance, or by finding ways of holding onto their beliefs and ways of life.

Resisting the Holocaust highlights the courageous acts of resistance by Jews during this difficult time.

The program includes an interactive seminar with a Museum educator, first-hand testimony from a Holocaust survivor and a guided tour of the Museum.

Image credit: A Dutch policeman looks out of a bunker, Eibergen region, The Netherlands, March/April 1943. Courtesy USHMM courtesy of Bep Myer Zion.

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Plan your visit

Risk assessment

Please click here for our risk assessment.

On the day

  • We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your program begins and assembling students across the road from the museum in Green Park.
  • Please send a member of staff to the main Museum entrance to let us know you have arrived and our education team will come to greet you.
  • Students will enter via the main Museum entrance on Darlinghurst Road where security will greet you and show you where to go.
  • Note that the Museum has a substantial security presence. Your group may be asked to consent to a bag search.


  • There is an option of pre-ordering our school café lunch which can be eaten in Green Park before or after the excursion. Please click here to see the menu.

What to bring

  • Due to limited locker space, we request that students do not bring backpacks.
  • If the students plan to eat their lunch in the park after their visit, please ask them to bring very small bags so that we can put several bags in each locker.


  • Please let us know before your visit if any of your students have special needs or learning difficulties so we can plan to accommodate their needs during the visit.

Content advice

  • Note that the content covered at the Museum may be distressing to some students.
  • We recommend bringing your school councillor and/or members of your pastoral care team to the visit.
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