• Year 6 Intercultural Day

Year 6 Intercultural Day

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Key information
Cost Free for all students and teachers, supported by the Weiss Family Date and time 26, 27, or 28 November 2024, 9.30am - 2.00pm Duration 4.5 hours Capacity 80 students per day Curriculum links - NESA-identified general capabilities encompass the knowledge: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Intercultural understanding, Personal and social capability
- Stage 3 History, Australia as a Nation (ACHHK114, ACHHK115, ACHHK116) - NESA-identified general capabilities encompass the knowledge: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Intercultural understanding, Personal and social capability
- Stage 3 History, Australia as a Nation (ACHHK114, ACHHK115, ACHHK116)
About the program:

This program brings together year 6 students from diverse cultures and backgrounds to spend a day engaging with each other in collaborative object-centred activities that focus on tolerance, friendship, optimism and intercultural understanding. Students will learn from Museum experts about how the Museum shares important intercultural and social lessons through objects and storytelling. Students will then turn to this task themselves, working with their new friends from different schools on an exhibition project, bringing objects and stories together to share an important message of their choice. This program allows students to discover the similarities that we all share, taking away critically important lessons with them into their future.

“Today I learned that… we are not different at all. I learned we are all human and should love each other. I really enjoyed coming here, and having the opportunity to see and learn about others.” – A previous student participant in the program

Our children got so much out of meeting the other students and we loved hearing them explain their own artefacts, decide on themes, create their artworks and describe their work. They definitely came back to school buzzing!” – A previous School teacher in the program

This program will take place on 26, 27 and 28 November 2024. Please complete the following expression of interest form below to be considered for this remarkable program.

For further information, please contact Ilana McCorquodale at [email protected], or complete the following form:

Plan your visit

On the day

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your program start time and assemble students across the road from the museum in Green Park.
  • Please send a member of staff to the main museum entrance to let us know you have arrived and our education team will come to greet you.
  • Students will enter via the main museum entrance on Darlinghurst Road.
  • Note that the museum has a substantial security presence. Your group may be asked to consent to a bag search.

What to bring

  • Due to limited locker space, we request that students do not bring large backpacks.
  • If the students plan to eat before or after their visit, please ask them to bring very small bags so that we can put several bags in each locker.


  • We strive to make our programs accessible and inclusive to students of all needs and abilities. Please advise us if you have any additional needs for your visit.

Content advice

  • Note that the content covered at the museum may be distressing to some students.
  • We recommend bringing your school councillor and/or members of your pastoral care team to the visit.


  • An invoice will be sent after your visit, unless organised otherwise.

Confirmation of numbers

  • All bookings must confirm any changes to student numbers at least 7 days prior to the visit in writing. Schools will be charged for the number of students we have on record 7 days prior to the visit.

Cancellations and booking changes

  • Changes and cancellations including dates, times and student numbers must be made in writing.
  • Each booking is permitted two changes at no cost. Each additional change over and above these two changes will incur a $30 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made within 7 working days of the scheduled booking will be charged in full.

COVID-19 Policy

Please click here for our schools COVID-19 policy

Risk assessment

Please click here for our risk assessment.

Pre and post visit lesson plans

Our Educators have created activities and resources for teachers to use to engage students before and after their visit to the Museum.

Click here to download the pre and post visit lesson plans.

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