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Student Programs

The Sydney Jewish Museum offers a wide range of innovative programs for students, covering a range of subjects and levels.

Nobody could have predicted it in 1992, but our world-class exhibitions continue to attract tens of thousands of visitors a year. With hundreds of artefacts for students to explore, and over 30 survivors for them to meet, the experience of studying the Holocaust at the Sydney Jewish Museum is second to none.

At the Museum, we pride ourselves on our commitment to education. We invite you to bring your students to the Museum, and encourage you to speak to our team of highly-trained and motivated educators about tailoring a seminar to suit the needs of your students. All education programs are linked to NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus outcomes.

“If you haven’t taken your students to the Sydney Jewish Museum, you haven’t prepared them for life”
Director of Faith and Mission at St Vincent’s College, Potts Point

To read more about our program options, please scroll down to browse the listings.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not able to process bookings online. To book, please contact our bookings team at or phone (02) 9360 7999.

Teacher Training

The Museum offers NESA Accredited professional development seminars for teachers throughout the school year. Participating teachers are presented with newly-developed materials and practical approaches to teaching these key subjects.

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School Education Programs
Understanding the Holocaust

Introduce your students to studying the Holocaust. This program explores key historical events that contributed to this cataclysmic event unfolding.

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Rights and Freedoms

Explore the creation and role of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other crucial documents protecting human rights through the lens of contemporary issues in Australia.

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Resisting the Holocaust

This program challenges the misconception that Jews went “like lambs to the slaughter”, with examples of Jewish resistance.

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Windows into Judaism

Explore the interactive and artefact rich displays on the Museum’s Ground Floor as a tool through which to learn about Judaism as a living religious tradition.

More details
Fact Through Fiction

Historical fiction is a unique way for students to engage emotionally and intellectually with the Holocaust. This interactive session will explore the issues of historical accuracy and authorship.

More details
Discovering Human Rights

Introduce your students to Human Rights, with a focus on some of the issues we see on our own doorstep, in Australia.

More details
Conflict in Europe: World War II and the War Against the Jews

Explore Europe as a hub of conflicting political ideologies. Students will focus on Operation Barbarossa and the intrinsic link between the Holocaust and the aims of the Nazis to create a racial empire in Europe.

More details
The Nature and Development of Human Rights: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Focuses on the nature and development of human rights through the lens of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the immediate context of the Holocaust and World War II.

More details
Children in a Vanishing World

This age-appropriate program will deepen students’ understanding of the historical context of these books and also speak to the themes that they raise about the rights of children and the complex ethical dilemmas that children faced during wartime.

More details
Power and Authority: Impact on Society

Look at the experiences of youth, women and minorities within the totalitarian state of Nazi Germany to better understand the impact of dictatorships on society.

More details
Power and Authority: The Rise of Nazism

Understand how two thousand years of European Jewish life were destroyed with the rise of Nazism by delving deeper into the circumstances under which the Nazi party and Hitler were able to rise to power.

More details
Unearthing the Holocaust: Serniki and the Australian War Crimes Trials

Engage in a discussion of the massacre at Serniki and how it constitutes a war crime and, thus, a breach of international law.

More details
Site Study: Memory and Memorialisation

Approach the history of the Holocaust through looking at the Museum’s architecture and exhibitions. Students will explore how history is constructed through memorial spaces and display of historical objects.

More details
The Nature of Modern History: Constructing, Contesting and Investigating the Past

How is modern history constructed by historians, and how can it change over time? This seminar puts the history of the Holocaust into a wider context of historical thinking.

More details
Arrival Forever: Migration Stories

Introduce your students to concepts of community, cultural identity, symbols and acculturation against the backdrop of Australia’s migration history.

More details
Community and Remembrance

Learn more about how the Jewish citizens of Australia have contributed in many ways to the local communities within which they have lived.

More details
Serving Australia: Jewish Involvement in Australian Military History

Explore the contribution that Australian Jews have made to the Australian military against the backdrop of the country’s wartime history.

More details
Genocide in the 20th Century

What is genocide and how did the term arise? Students will explore the concept of genocide through examples drawn from the 20th century.

More details
What People Believe

What do Jewish people believe? Learn more about Jewish rituals, festivals, celebrations and traditions.

More details
Anne Frank: A Girl Writes History

Anne Frank’s diary has been read by millions. Come and discover why Anne’s words and reflections remain poignant for the world today.

More details
Year 11 Studies of Religion Day

In-Depth Study Days provide a unique opportunity for students to experience Studies of Religion beyond the classroom.

More details
Ethical Leadership Day

This leadership day brings together students from around NSW in a safe and open forum in order to discuss and think about the leader they can become.

More details
Preliminary and HSC Studies of Religion

Journey through Judaism’s rich history and explore the religion as a living tradition.

More details
HSC Modern History Intensive: Peace and Conflict

This HSC Intensive addresses the Stage 6 Modern History module, Peace and Conflict Option C: Conflict in Europe 1935-1945.

More details
Four Hour Program

Build your own excursion by selecting two of our interactive seminars that fulfil your learning objectives.

More details
Two Hour General Program

Engage your students in discussions of racism, tolerance and persecution through the lens of the history of the Holocaust.

More details
Joint Program with the Australian National Maritime Museum

Learn the stories of those who left their homelands to settle in Australia. Hear about their hardships to build a new life.

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