• Sidney Nolan exhibition Sir Sidney Nolan’s Auschwitz paintings have remained largely unseen; their stories untold for nearly sixty years.

    Coming to the Museum in July 2022, this exhibition will showcase 50 works by Nolan from a series that has never before been seen in Australia. Not only do these works unearth a different side of the artist, they also offer an interpretation of the Holocaust through a distinctively Australian lens.

    Tickets are now on sale. Pre-purchase yours to guarantee admission.
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  • Celebrating 30 years In 1992, the community of Holocaust survivors in Sydney realised their dream of opening a museum to commemorate, remember and pass on their memories and experiences from the Holocaust, so they will never be forgotten.

    This year we will celebrate 30 years as a living museum: a place that holds the voices of history, and in which survivors still share their experiences with visitors. We turn 30 at a time when most of our founding Holocaust survivors are sadly no longer with us, yet each of them lives on in the legacy they have built.
  • Discover survivor stories Our cutting-edge technologies will ensure visitors of the future have authentic and meaningful interactions with Holocaust survivors, as important eyewitnesses to history.

    This summer, there are several ways to engage with history through technology at the Museum: you can explore the Holocaust exhibition using a GPS-based testimony app, or even have a conversation with Holocaust survivors via our new lifelike interactive technology.
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  • Where history has a voice The Sydney Jewish Museum is a living history museum, where the past is kept alive to continue to speak to future generations in a dynamic way that will always resonate. Find out more
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Feature Exhibition

Shaken to his Core: The Untold Story of Nolan’s Auschwitz

Coming in July 2022, this exhibition showcases 50 paintings by the prolific Australian artist Sir Sidney Nolan that have never been seen before in Australia. They tell the story of a largely unknown chapter in Nolan's life: the trial of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, and the artist's own visit to Auschwitz.

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Permanent exhibition

The Holocaust and Human Rights

This exhibition traces the history of human rights and focuses on major human rights issues in Australia. Using digital technologies, this interactive space invites visitors to challenge their assumptions, reflect on their perceptions and contemplate topics that may prove irresolvable.

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Meet Yvonne's interactive biography

Yvonne’s new lifelike interactive biography is now ready for testing. Join a daily session to engage with this incredible cutting-edge technology.

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Listen to the voices of history

Listen to the voices of history on your own device as you move through the Sydney Jewish Museum’s Holocaust exhibition, with the SJM Voices app.

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SJM blog

Shining a spotlight on our volunteers

May 18, 2022

Hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds have dedicated their time and hard work to support the Museum since our inception 30 years ago. Here’s a spotlight on some of the generous volunteers who work with us.

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Survivor Portraits – Lucy Chladek

May 11, 2022

Lucy Chladek was born in 1937. Even after surviving the Holocaust, she and her family were still not safe.

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The stories behind the pink triangle

May 6, 2022

On International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia we reflect on the untold testimonies from the persecuted LGBTIQ community during the Holocaust.

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Tour 'Jews from Islamic Lands' online

Our recent exhibition, Jews from Islamic Lands, is now available as a 360-degree immersive experience.

This exhibition tells the stories of Jews from Islamic lands through objects from the Sydney Jewish Museum’s collection and those sourced from local families with direct lineage from these regions.

Explore a tapestry of Jewish stories from more than 20 Islamic lands.

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