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Education in times of crisis: Education in biblical exile – the prophet Ezekiel


Education in times of crisis: Education in biblical exile – the prophet Ezekiel


Education in times of crisis: Education in biblical exile – the prophet Ezekiel


Wednesday 9 June

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This lecture is one of a series of ten lectures that will focus on education in times of national disasters and calamity in Jewish History. These online lectures are held in conjunction with Sydney University’s Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies and Mandelbaum House.

This week’s lecture will focus on the prophet Ezekiel.

In the sixth century BCE the community of Judah experienced a dramatic political upheaval. Their country got seized, their monarchs, notables and professionals, all exiled to Babylon. In addition, this was the first time that the worship of the god of Israel could not be done from the temple in Jerusalem, at a time when no measures to carry out this worship existed outside the temple. The prophets of the time tackled these calamities with pedagogical messages, holding to a position that the society in Judah and Israel has the means to save their fate by making the right decisions in the political, social and religious dimensions. This lecture will focus on the prophet Ezekiel and the ways he faced the political and social crisis in his tumultuous and conflicted way, maintaining a love-hate relationship with his Judean audience in Babylon, among whom he dwelled. By re-examining the foundations of the religious life in Judah, he attempted to lay an ideological and practical foundation for a Judean existence in exile, and then again back in the land.

Dr Gili Kugler is a senior lecturer of Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew at the University of Sydney. She studies ancient theology and the development of ideas and traditions through an examination of text evolution and composition.

Prof Yonatan Ben-Dov is a lecturer in the Department of Biblical Studies at Tel Aviv University. His areas are the biblical religion as part of the religions of the ancient world; biblical prophecy; Judean Desert Scrolls and Apocalypses; Perception of time in the ancient world, and more.

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