“It’s just what is in your heart”

Recently, a visitor to the Museum reminded us, and Holocaust survivor Olga Horak, of the importance of sharing poignant stories of suffering and survival with younger generations.

Some months after the Museum’s 25th birthday event, an envelope arrived at the Museum for Olga from a gentleman who attended the event. This gentleman had spent some time with Olga at the celebrations, and he and his daughters had listened to Olga and learnt about her experiences during and after the Holocaust.

Despite the passage of time after their meeting, the poignancy of Olga’s story of survival was not dulled for this gentleman. Some weeks after this encounter, a touching two-page letter addressed to Olga was delivered to the Museum, accompanied by a delicately engraved, heart-shaped gold locket holding photographs of Olga’s family inside.

In his letter, the gentleman expressed his wish to send some small reminder of what is truly important in life: “It’s not a house, it’s certainly not a car – it’s just what is in your heart.”

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