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Inclusive Education in the Museum

Here at the Sydney Jewish Museum, we welcome over 27,000 students every year. Teachers bring their classes to the Museum as part of numerous courses, including History, English, Legal Studies, and Studies of Religion.

Every student is unique in what they hope to find here. Some will seek the personal narrative of survivor testimony, while others will find wonderment in artefacts. Not only does each student seek something different in their visit to the Museum, each student is unique in and of themselves. No two individuals learn in the same way. There is no ‘typical’ student.

There are numerous traits that influence a student’s learning experience, such as age, ability, background, and delivery preference. In order that every student can take the most out of their visit we consciously foster each individual student’s needs and preferences. To do this, we look to the ideas behind what is termed ‘Inclusive Education’.

Inclusive Education is a two-fold concept; it promotes the full participation of all students within the educative environment while also celebrating and valuing the differences students may bring to that environment. To create an inclusive education environment we focus on giving learners many different avenues of discovery and multiple means of demonstrating what they know (or would like to know). Tapping into students’ different needs and interests both challenges them and motivates them to learn.

Championing inclusivity within the Museum’s education programming is important in enabling the full participation and best experience of all students who walk through our doors.

Inclusive education in the Sydney Jewish Museum's education programs for secondary and primary student groups

Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Author: Breann Fallon, Education Officer

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