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Children’s Week 2018

This week is Children’s Week. Thousands of children from different locations and backgrounds come through the Sydney Jewish Museum every year with their schools. Most of them have the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor and hear their testimony.

Although experiencing youth in a different time and geographical location, children often express a profound connection to the stories they hear from the survivors’ own childhoods after their visit to the Museum.

The Museum’s collection holds this beautiful example of an interpretation of the memories and experiences of others, through a contemporary child’s eyes. Last year, Holocaust child survivor Jacqueline Dale (nee Feldman) received four hand-drawn artworks by a Year 10 student from Masada College, that illustrated distinct moments in Jacqueline’s story. Whilst these images are rooted in the factual elements of Jacqueline’s childhood stories, they are explorations of emotion and discoveries of what childhood means to somebody who lived it some 70 years before in France.

This small handmade tribute to the young Jacqueline Feldman shows how children are able to connect to the incredibly diverse experiences of others through their timeless shared youth.

Images: SJM Collection.

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