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Chanukah Greetings

Chanukah is a time when we remember the attempted suppression of Jewish culture and celebrate Jewish resistance and resilience.

Chanukah of 1945 was the first time that Jewish refugees, recently liberated from the Hongkou Ghetto in Shanghai, were able to enjoy Chanukah celebrations without fear of bombardment, as they had throughout World War II.

This Chanukah greeting card was distributed by the Jewish Welfare Board to Jewish refugees in Shanghai in November 1945, two months after the end of the war. The card is decorated with both Jewish and Chinese symbols and was accompanied by a one cent banknote issued by the Central Bank of China, as Chanukah ‘gelt’, and included a message of support from their “big brothers” the American Jewish soldiers.

This gesture of support for Jewish refugees, at a time when they had only just learnt of the fate of millions of Jews in Europe, is a reminder of the resilience of the Jewish community in times of hardship.

Image: SJM Collection.

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