Hearing a Holocaust survivor story is reported to be most impactful part of a visitor’s experience in the Sydney Jewish Museum. To ensure the stories of the survivors continue to live on in the Museum, a custom designed app called SJM Voices was created.

Specially curated from Steven Spielberg’s Visual History Archive and the Museum’s own recording projects, SJM Voices has made 174 short soundbites accessible to Museum visitors. Using innovative mobile-guiding technology, SJM Voices allows visitors to go deeper into this turbulent period of history as they move through the Holocaust exhibition.

With a curated library of testimony at their fingertips, visitors who use the app can listen to the narratives of Holocaust survivors who came to live in Australia alongside stories from perpetrators, witnesses and specialists in the field, including human rights experts. Each testimony enlivens the stories within the Museum’s showcases and supports specific historical events and artefacts on display.

SJM Voices is just one of the ways that the Sydney Jewish Museum keeps the voices of Holocaust survivors alive. We have recently launched our Capital Appeal, where we are asking the public and the community help us safeguard the future of the Museum so we can continue to share the survivors’ stories of horror and hope.

For more information on the 2018 Capital Appeal, visit

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