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Bring success through empathy

Businesses that champion empathy and emotional intelligence outperform those businesses that do not by 20%, according to the Harvard Business Review. However, in times of rapid technological change in the workplace, employees fear disengagement from their colleagues and employers.

With the word ‘empathy’ having been cited so frequently that Merriam-Webster listed it as one of their top four words for 2017, we realise that compassion and peer-to-peer connection are key drivers of positive sentiment in the workplace. Businessolver’s 2018 State of Workplace Empathy report shows that 96% of respondents rate empathy as important for companies to demonstrate; yet 92% believe empathy remains undervalued by companies.

Empathy is the ability to listen to and understand the feelings of another person. Empathetic workplaces where empathetic employees are nurtured breed happiness and satisfaction, which translated to the delivery of positive engagement with customers, clients and stakeholders.

The Sydney Jewish Museum develops and runs highly individualised programs for professionals in diverse fields to introduce new ways of approaching empathy within the workplace. Through an encounter with a Holocaust survivor, a Museum tour and a seminar with a psychologist, participants are encouraged to develop an understanding of the importance of empathy, drawing on lessons taken from a tumultuous period of history.

“Emotional, thought provoking and relevant. This was a professional and moving program that made history real and applicable.” – NSW Health

Talk to us about how we can tailor a program for your staff to encourage connectivity and emotionally intelligent workers.

Email Sandy Hollis on shollis@sjm.com.au or call 9360 7999.

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