“The story of this Museum begins… with the rise of Hitler, which led to one of the darkest periods in history: the Holocaust – a crime against humanity which must never be forgotten.”

-Benefactor John Saunders AO

The Sydney Jewish Museum is dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust. The world-class museum challenges visitors’ perceptions of democracy, morality, social justice and human rights and places the Holocaust in its historical and contemporary context.

The Museum aims to teach racial tolerance; to ensure the evils of the past are not repeated; to serve as a witness to the Holocaust and to stand as a memorial to the six million murdered Jews and the millions of non-Jewish victims. It also tells the history of the Jews in Australia and illustrates the richness of Jewish life by showing its traditions. The Museum’s timeline invites you to explore Jewish history from its Biblical origin in the Ancient Near East to the thriving community here in Australia.

The Governor of NSW, Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AC, officially opened the Sydney Jewish Museum on 18 November 1992. It quickly became an integral part of the cultural life of Sydney, winning the 1994 Award of Distinction in the NSW Tourism Awards for Excellence, and a Commendation in the 1995 Human Rights Awards.

Housed in the historic Maccabean Hall, the Sydney Jewish Museum presents visitors with an overview of the best and worst of humanity.

History of Maccabean Hall: built to commemorate NSW Jewish men and women who served in WW1 and to honour the memory of those who lost their lives. It was formally opened on Armistice Day in 1923 by Sir John Monash.


To commemorate the lives of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators, honour the Survivors and pay tribute to the Righteous Among the Nations. Ensure through education, academic research and the display of artefacts and memorabilia, that the Holocaust and its uniqueness in history is never forgotten and that it is recognised as a crime against humanity with contemporary and universal significance. Explore and illustrate the depth of the Jewish religion, tradition and culture, Australian Jewish history and the contribution of Jews to Australian society.

Board Members

  • Professor Gus Lehrer AM FAA (President)
  • Charles Aronson (Vice President)
  • Gavin Solsky (Treasurer)
  • Michael Blitz
  • Paul Drexler
  • Rikki Gold
  • Jeremy Goldschmidt
  • Lee-Anne Kitay
  • Nadine Levin
  • Michael Wayne
  • Tony Ryba
  • Kathy Shand
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Volunteers / Internships

Our volunteers are a committed, dedicated and conscientious group whose experience, energy and enthusiasm are primary factors in providing thousands of visitors with the information, direction and personal contact necessary to ensure a rewarding visit to the Museum. Skilled volunteers are required in all areas of the Museum including:

  • Admissions / Retail
  • Resource Centre
  • Curatorial
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Public Programs
  • Guides (after the completion of the guide course)

For more information about internships and the guide course, please contact the Volunteer Manager on 9360 7999 or

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