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Dedicating a plaque in the Sanctum of Remembrance

What material are plaques made from?

Plaques can be created on elegant black Perspex or fine granite with gold lettering.

What is the maximum number of lines of text allowed on each plaque?

Perspex plaques come in 2 sizes:

225mm x 50mm (max. 2 lines of text)

225mm x 100mm (max. 5 lines of text).

Granite plaques come in 4 sizes:

210mm x 150mm (max. 8 lines of text)

305mm x 210mm (max. 10 lines of text)

440mm x 320mm (max. 12 lines of text)

480mm x 370mm (max. 15 lines of text)

Is there standard text that people use on their plaques?

The following format can be used as a starting point:




Please note, all lettering is done in capital letters and a consistent font design is implemented on all plaques.

Our staff are happy to assist you on the appropriate text and formatting for your plaque. For assistance, please contact Rita Prager on 02 9360 7999 or email [email protected]

Will I see my plaque before placing the order?

Yes, most of the drafts are handled via email with the donor. The plaque will be ordered only upon approval of the final draft by the donor and payment of half of the donation.

How long does the plaque production take?

Perspex plaques will be delivered 2 weeks after placing the order. Granite plaques will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I choose where my plaque will be placed?

Plaques are placed by their size on designated columns, and will be placed according to the order in which donations are received.

Can I change the wording of an existing plaque to accommodate new names?

The Sydney Jewish Museum will try to accommodate such requests. However, a surcharge will apply as a new plaque will need to be ordered. If the size of the new plaque has changed, a written request must be completed to confirm a new location for the plaque of a different size.

For more details on plaque materials and sizes, or to order a plaque, please contact Rita Prager on 02 9360 7999, or email [email protected] 

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