Who I am

Who I am

Until April 2018

Who I am

Photographs by D-Mo Zajac

Who I am is a new photography exhibition at the Museum by photographer D-Mo Zajac. Evocative and engaging, her images capture the unique connection between subject and photographer on an individual and communal level. The exhibition explores this connection through the perspective of the photographer’s own experiences and journey to self-discovery.

After many years of being raised as a Protestant Christian in Poland, D-Mo’s mother revealed to her the secret of her grandmother’s Jewish heritage and ancestry. In 2010 D-Mo set out to document the religious life of the Orthodox Jewish community in Sydney.

“Quite a few factors inspired me to photograph the Jewish community here in Sydney. Ranging from me hardly seeing any photographs about the Jewish community in the main stream, through to having a personal desire to share the wonderfully caring, joyous, kind and proud community I have observed and come to experience over the past years. There was a great story to tell…” – D-Mo Zajac

D-Mo’s photographs of the Jewish community in Sydney are a reflection of who she is. D-Mo strives to document the strong sense of family and community that has enabled her to explore her own ancestral connection and sense of belonging.

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