A Study of the Jewish Métier in Sydney

A Study of the Jewish Métier in Sydney

January - June 2019

In this exhibition, A Study of the Jewish Métier in Sydney, Australian Russian-speaking Jew Daniel Kuczko displays his photography of the Russian Jewish Community.

Daniel grew up in Australia learning to adapt to a number of worlds: as a descendant of Russian parents who speaks Russian, where Judaism is a vital part of his religious and cultural heritage. Daniel’s photographs were taken for his Higher School Certificate final artwork. The images reflect the dichotomy that influences his world view. The Sydney Jewish Museum is delighted to give Daniel the opportunity to present a selection of his portfolio works.

Growing up as a Russian Jewish first generation Australian I live life between a number of worlds and have learned to adapt and be what each world expects of me. I come from a mixed ethnic background. My first language is Russian; Judaism creates an important part of my religious and cultural heritage. I attended a Catholic school where I was one of a handful of Jewish students. This is the rich dichotomy that influences me and my world view.  

The concept behind my work is representing who I am through my varied cultural influences. The most important of these factors are ancient Jewish traditions, which connect me to my grandparents. Exploring these traditions and customs, I pay homage to my Russian culture and Jewish heritage, and convey how they interrelate with my identity as an Australian.   

My mother’s parents are Holocaust survivors. Telling the story of the Russian Jewish community in Australia is my way of remembering the genocide of Jews in Europe and paying homage to those who survived. The Nazis attempted to destroy our family lineage; but because people such as my grandparents survived, the community continues to flourish. These images of Jews living their daily lives in their adopted Australia, is testament to that survival.”

Daniel Kuczko, photographer and alumnus of Waverley College, 2018

This exhibition is proudly sponsored by Kangarusski ZFA and Limmud FSU Australia.

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