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  • I Met a Survivor
  • I Met a Survivor

I Met a Survivor

1 July - 16 October 2019

Meeting a Holocaust survivor is a life-changing experience. These children will one day be able to look at these photographs and say “I met a survivor.”

This exhibition of photographs by award-winning photographer Nadine Saacks captures intimate moments shared between Holocaust survivors and children too young to understand or grapple with the Holocaust.

The positivity captured in these photographs is intense; the excitement of the children is palpable, and the survivors were moved by the acknowledgement of their survival and the opportunity to be photographed with the younger generation.

The generation of Holocaust survivors is dwindling and when today’s young children are old enough to have a conversation about the Holocaust, they may not be able to actually meet a survivor and hear their testimony.

Introducing the Holocaust to young children can be difficult, but these photos, one day, can be a way to start that conversation. When these children, who are representative of all children, are of an age to learn about the Holocaust, they will have these photos to look back on, to make the connection, and say “I met a survivor.”

The Sydney Jewish Museum has published these photographs with abridged versions of the survivors’ stories into a 145 page soft cover book.

For more information and to purchase a copy, click here.

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