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There is always something happening at the Sydney Jewish Museum, from inspiring exhibitions, Holocaust survivor speakers, book launches, panel discussions, public lectures, film screenings, community events and performances.


Coming soon: ‘The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art’

Opens November 2018
In The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art, two Australian-born artists remember their families’ Holocaust experiences through inherited objects, remnants and relics. Through video, photography, assemblage, sculpture and textiles, Anne Zahalka and Sylvia Griffin trace second-hand memories of events they never experienced and memorialise lost family members never met to understand who they are today.

Anne Zahalka, ‘Finding Margarete’

Bobba Knows Best

For the first time ever, the curators have crowd-sourced intimate photographs of grandmothers, taken with love, for an exhibition. This exhibition is a reflection of the strong bond that exists between grandmothers and their grandchildren. It is through these unique bonds that life lessons and age-old traditions are passed down.

The Holocaust

Located over three levels, this exhibition traces the persecution and murder of European Jewry from 1933 to 1945. The Holocaust explores the contemporary and ongoing resonance of these unprecedented events. The exhibition also documents the new lives that survivors forged following their arrival in Australia, and their contribution to the fabric of contemporary Australian life.

Rich with artefacts, testimonies and interactive digital technologies, this exhibition invites multi-sensory engagement with history and memory, to challenge perceptions and inspire critical thinking.

Holocaust Permanent Exhibition - Events

The Holocaust and Human Rights

This exhibition outlines human rights achievements and challenges, and focuses on the key human rights issues facing Australia today. The exhibition uses new digital technologies to explore local issues pertaining to the rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers; People with Disabilities; First Australians; and the LGBTIQ Community.

The place promotes deep, reflective thought, even on topics that might prove irresolvable.

The Holocaust and Human Rights Permanent Exhibition - Events








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The Museum offers guided tours as part of the entry fee. Tours are held on Monday-Friday at 1pm, and Sundays at 12pm and 2pm. Guided group tours are also available for 12 or more adults, and can be tailored to suit specific requirements. For more information or to book a group tour, click here.

SJM Voices app

The Museum has recently launched the SJM Voices app. The app offers the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, perpetrators, witnesses and experts as you walk through the Museum. The SJM Voices app can be downloaded onto your Apple iPhone from the App Store. If you do not have an apple device, you can borrow a headset from the admissions desk.

Click here for more information on the app, or here to download the app before you visit the Museum.