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  • Power and Authority: The Rise of Nazism

Power and Authority: The Rise of Nazism

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Key information
Cost $5 per student Duration One school period Curriculum links Stage 6: HSC Modern History, Core Study – Power and Authority in the Modern World (1919-1946)

Students will have the opportunity to study in depth the complex and tragic relationship between the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler in Germany, and the collapse of democracy.

By considering the threat that dictatorships pose to peace and security, students will better appreciate the destruction of two thousand years of European Jewish life.

Complementing this experience, students will hear first-hand survivor testimony in order to understand the human effect of these turbulent years.

Finally, through a close examination of artefacts, images and Holocaust survivor testimony, students will explore key aspects of this period such as the initial consolidation of Nazi power, the implementation of the Nuremberg Laws, the breakdown of democratic structures, the role of propaganda and the experience of Kristallnacht.

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