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  • Arrival Forever: Migration Stories

Arrival Forever: Migration Stories

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Key information
Cost $5 per student Duration One school period Curriculum links Stage 5: History, Core Study - Depth Study 3: Australians at War: World Wars I and II (1914-1918, 1939-1945); Depth Study 5: The Globalising World, Migration Experiences (1945 to present)

Examining over two hundred years of Australian Jewish history, the Museum’s Culture and Continuity exhibition provides students with the opportunity to explore the development of the Australian Jewish community.

As a case study of Australia’s migration history, students will be introduced to concepts of community, cultural identity, symbols and acculturation. Tracing the experience of Jewish Holocaust survivors from the liberation of Europe’s concentration camps, to Displaced Persons camps and migration to Australia, the exhibition provides a unique insight into the changes in Australian immigration policy in the post-war period and the shift into a multicultural Australia.

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